Category: Facilities



Model Basin

The Model Basin was inaugurated in 1967 with dimensions of 56 meters in length, 3,8 m. wide and 2,2 m. of depth, then its length was increased to 100 m. It was designed by Luis de Mazarredo to that...


Wave generator

At the Model Basin there is an unidirectional generator both regular and irregular waves. It's possible generate regular waves up 0,3 meters and irregular waves up 0,15 meters and periods up 7 seconds. With these waves is possible behavioral studies in...


Towing carriage

In order to pull the model there is a carriage made of a steel structure , that rolls on two lines of tracks anchored in the lateral parapets of the “model basin”. The alignment and leveling of these lanes has been made with...


Milling Center

Milling Center ARES CNC: workability 5 axes; the workspace is 3600 x 1800 x 1200 mm; it has 12 kW liquid cooled spindle at 22000 rpm ; automatic tool changer...


Sloshing Laboratory

Sloshing: violent movement of a fluid inside a container subjected to external forces. The CEHINAV has a private laboratory for the study of this phenomenon has a mechanical system to submit different types...


Passive anti-roll tank Laboratory

To design a passive anti-roll tank consists on the one hand of establishing the most suitable inner geometric configuration, with the restrictions derived from the ship general arrangement, maximum size, etc, on the other hand it consists of defining, based on the sea state and the load condition, the amount of water that the tank must contain.