Antonio Souto IglesiasDoctor Naval EngineerProfessorDirector.
SPH , Sloshing and seakeeping of ships and marine devices.

Luis Pérez RojasDoctor Naval EngineerFull Professor
Ship Stability. Towing tank

Zamora Ricardo RodriguezDoctor Naval EngineerProfessorSport boats and seakeeping of ships and marine structures for renewable

Francisco Perez ArribasDoctor Naval EngineerProfessorStudies, design and modeling of line plans and fast

Jesús Gómez GoñiDoctor in PhysicsProfessorWork in hydrodynamics simulation based on finite volumes (OpenFOAM) and seakeeping of ships and marine

Daniel Duque CampayoDoctor in PhysicsProfessorHydrodynamic Simulations based on particles (SPH and related methods) and finite volume (open foam)

Leo Miguel González GutiérrezDoctor Industrial Engineer and PhysicistAssociate Professor Numerical Methods in Engineering mainly applied to Computational

Rafael Molina SánchezDoctor in Systems of Civil EngineeringPart-time ProfessorPort Exploitation, Probabilistic Methods, Instrumentation, Monitoring, Port and Offshore 914 524 900 Ext:1906

Ricardo Abad ArroyoDoctor Naval EngineerMaster of LaboratoryTanks stabilizers liabilities and experimental techniques in

Patricia Alcanda SesmeroElectronic EngineerR&D ManagerProject Management and Grants for R&D

Jordi Mas SolerDoctor Naval EngineerResearcherSeakeeping, ship resistance, experimental,

Héctor Rubén Díaz OjedaNaval EngineerPhD StudentEngineering Numerical Methods. Fluid-Structure

Javier Calderón SánchezNaval ArchitectPhD StudentHydrodynamic Simulations based on particles (SPH) for the study of sloshing

Miguel Ángel Cabrerizo MoralesCivil Engineer, CCCPPhD StudentPort and Offshore Structures and Operations, Instrumentation, Monitoring and Mooring Lines

Juan Luis Gómez ChacónElectronic Systems TechnicianLab

Riansares Gómez SánchezAdministration & services Administration and