Category: Services


Academic Labor

CEHINAV has focused for many years on the realization of Ship Theory course practices. Stability test, Towing test, Isolated propellant test, Self-propulsion test, Balance Extinction test, Passive stabilizer tanks test, etc...


Consulting and Software Development

Key function of this Model Basin is provide technical assistance on different topics. From the preliminary hydrodynamic analysis of different prototypes, resistance and power estimates, software development and use in hydrodynamic...


Model tests

The fundamental task of a model basin is to test ways to optimize vessels and determine its resistance curve speed in order to project the propeller and select the main engine. At CEHINAV, we performed tests...


Model manufacturing

ARES CNC Machining Center 5 axes is other of the facilities of CEHINAV which allows model manufacturing of different geometries, sizes and materials.


Tanks stabilizers liabilities

A passive stabilizer tank is basically a vessel interior space comprised between the sides, two indoor and two transverse bulkheads, with a specific internal configuration and containing a certain amount of fluid, usually seawater. his...


Sea trials

In recent years it has also participated in the realization of different sea trials in the delivery of different vessels, real measures that help calibrate the experimental predictions.