AQUAgpusph  4.0.0rc
AQUAgpusph (Another QUAlity GPU-SPH).

Free CFD code based on SPH (Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics), licensed under GPLv3 terms, for details read provided LICENSE file.

SPH is a meshfree Lagrangian method to solve Navier-Stokes equations).

AQUAgpusph is based on the weakly compressible SPH branch (formerly W-SPH or WCSPH), where the pressure field is linked with the density one by a equation of state (EOS).

AQUAgpusph has been accelerated with OpenCL allowing you to execute it over CPU, GPU, or eventually every platform developed on future conveniently adapted to the OpenCL standard.

For the moment several platforms simultaneous usage is not supported.

In order to learn how to use AQUAgpusph an user manual and some examples are provided.

AQUAgpusph has been developed by CEHINAV group:

  • Jose Luis Cercos Pita
  • Antonio Souto Iglesias
  • Leo Miguel Gonzalez

First release of the code has been published at Wed. 2013-12-12.

For more information about this development, please visit the following web page:

If you are a developer you should know that AQUAgpusph is divided in 2 main pieces, the Host (see main) and the calculation server (see Aqua::CalcServer::CalcServer).

The first one is the manager of the simulation, being responsible of the input options and files parsing (see Aqua::InputOutput::ArgumentsManager and Aqua::InputOutput::FileManager), the output files writing (see Aqua::InputOutput::FileManager), and the simulation running (see Aqua::InputOutput::TimeManager).

The latter one is the main worker, where the simulation computation is done (see Aqua::CalcServer::CalcServer).

You can learn more about this division in the user manual (cahpter 7) and in the developers guide.