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AQUAgpusph: The SPH of the researchers, by the researchers, for the researchers

   Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

   Abraham Lincoln

The main objective of the AQUAgpusph project is providing a highly modular and extensible free SPH solver.

Accelerated using OpenCL

There is no doubt that GPUs have revolutioned the SPH world, however HPC computation has revealed as a really volatile subject...

Having this in mind, AQUAgpusph has been accelerated using OpenCL , a framework which can be used with a wide variety of current architectures and manufacters, and probably with future ones as well.

100% Free

There are several GPU accelerated Open source SPH alternatives, however all of them are requiring either a closed OS (e.g. Windows or OS X), or a closed framework (e.g. CUDA), or a closed driver (e.g. NVidia or Catalyst/Crimson). Thanks to OpenCL and the awesome work of the GalliumCompute guys, AQUAgpusph has been the very first software able to perform a SPH simulation, accelerated with a GPU, without a single line of non-free software!!!

Modular and extensible with Python

AQUAgpusph has a modular structure where you can plug, modify and remove variables, tools and definitions, grouping these operations into XML based presets.

Therefore, OpenCL based tools can be used to perform accelerated operations particle by particle, and Python based tools to easily extend the functionality of the tool (e.g. Coupling it with other tools).

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